Seychelles Diffuser


Bergamot, orange and amber with warming notes of creamy coconut, vanilla and almond.


Welcome all seasons into your home and subtly scent your space with our scrumptious room diffusers, which release wonderful aromas all day long.

Bergamot, orange and amber with notes of creamy coconut, vanilla and almond.

Reed diffusers disperse scent into the air naturally. They are ideal for smaller spaces like kitchens, bathrooms, or offices. They are designed to provide a subtle background fragrance.

There are many factors that contribute to how long reed diffusers last. Fans, humidity, heating, etc. However, as a general rule of thumb our reed diffusers should last for approximately  2-3 months.

The complete reed diffuser set includes a glass display bottle, approx 50ml of fragranced diffuser oil, and a set of reeds.

Weight373 g
Dimensions6 × 26 cm


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